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Recreation Soccer:

Small-sided Soccer - For boys and girls ages 5 to about 10. Small-sided teams play with from 3 players on a side (U-6) without a goal keeper to 9 on each side (U-11). U-6 to U-8 teams play either just in their own club or in a group of several nearby clubs. U-9 and older teams play with other teams their age from across the association or district.

Association Level- these recreation teams go from U-12 through U-19. Some recreation teams are quite competitive -- others are very relaxed. However-recreational teams are filled by the club registrars based on player ages, where they live and parent requests. Coaches are not allowed to select their players in recreation teams.

Advanced Level Competition (ALC):

ALC teams are formed by a tryout or selection process, in contrast to recreaton teams where all players will be given a spot on a team. ALC teams are also called "Select" or "Premier" depending on whether they play in a district 5 select league or a Washington or Oregon State youth League.