The SWYSA Disciplinary committee is responsible for reviewing all red and yellow cards issued during any SWYSA administered games. This includes SWYSA Fall Recreation league, spring league and end of season tournaments.

It does not include leagues for advanced level teams (select / premier).

The SWYSA Disciplinary Committee is chaired by the SWYSA Disciplinary Committee chair and is comprised of representatives from all the clubs with recreation teams.

SWYSA Disciplinary Committee meets on a as needed basis.

SWYSA Referee Rules, Rates and Referee laminate card

Washington Youth Soccer Disciplinary Rule 605

If a player or coach receive a yellow or red card during a SWYSA league match, there is a automatic 1 game suspension until you receive a notice from the disciplinary comittee. The coach will receive an email from the SWYSA Disciplinary Committee notifing him/her of the outcome of their decision.

Referee Misconduct Report

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All fields require a response on this report. Reports will be sent to the SWYSA office and will be forwarded to the SWYSA Disciplinary Chair upon receipt.

Please email our office if you have any questions.