2019 Fall Recreational Soccer Schedules are posted!

Click HERE for game schedules.


Most clubs are not allowing the reschedules of games, please use your assistant coaches to avoid any reschedules. If you absolutely have to reschedule a game, you must contact your club competition coordinator in order to request a reschedule if it is a home game. If it is a away game you will need to contact the opposing team. The opposing team will need to contact their club competition coordinator. It is much easier to get possible game dates/times/fields from your competition coordinator before contacting the opposing team for a reschedule.
***To access the opposing coaches email address, click on the team name within your posted schedule and their email address will populate to the top of the game schedule.
Rescheduling Instructions for canceled games
All other age groups - it is up to you and the opposing team if you want to reschedule the canceled game(s). Please contact the opposing team before attempting a reschedule.
  • Contact the opposing team to inquire if they want to reschedule the canceled game. If both teams want to reschedule, get several possible game dates/times that will work for both teams (many coaches coach more than one team). Several options are best since field availability will be limited.
  • To access the opposing coaches email address, click on the team name within your posted schedule and their email address will populate to the top of the game schedule. If you are unable to access coaches contact information, please contact SWYSA via email at
  • The team hosting the game must contact their club competition coordinator in order to request a reschedule. It is usually best to CC the opposing coach on all communications.
  • Once you have secured a new date/field/time the home teams club competition coordinator will coordinate the rescheduled game details with the SWYSA Comp Coordinator. SWYSA will update the game details in the scheduling system as well as add them to the referee assigning system.
Club Competition Coordinators:
Pacific SC: Harv -
Salmon Creek SC: Michelle -
Vancouver West SC: Rob -
Washington Timbers FC (VUSA & CWSA): Nick -
Player Cards and Rosters

A reminder to all coaches!

NO SIGNED ROSTER and/or PLAYER CARDS - NO GAME! NO EXCEPTIONS! If we find out that you play or played a previous game without a signed roster and/or player cards we will issue a forfeit for every game that was played without them.

This is to protect our players and families on the field. If you don't have the required documents, we do not know that background checks and coaching education has been completed, nor do we know if the players are insured.

Thank you for following to the rules!



Games must be reported within 24 hours.

Score reporting- Only Home teams may report scores. If you see a discrepancy, please email SWYSA at and we will check the referee report for the reported score and update the score in the system.
You will be responsible for logging onto the web site and entering the score for your games. Entering your games scores is easy!: This is for U9 and above teams only. It is extremely important that U9 - U12 teams enter their scores on time each week so we can begin looking at the divisions for the mid season realignment. We also like to see scores for U13 and up for record keeping purpose.
  1. Log into your Stack Sports Team Connect by clicking HERE. If you are listed on more than one team, click on the team you need to enter scores for on the left menu, then click on "Go to <team name> Dashboard."
  2. Click on Schedule on the left menu
  3. Click on the game you played
  4. Click on Score Entry
  5. Enter in Scores for both teams (if no score, enter 0)
  6. Click Submit Scorecard