The SWYSA Competition Committee is comprised of one representative from each club that has recreation teams playing in the SWYSA Rec League. The Competition Committee is responsible for placing recreation teams aged U-9 to U-19 into divisions. This division placement for the first half of fall season is based on a team's record the previous year (if an established team with a known record) and on how many players are returned to the team and on the experience level of the coach and on how many teams are playing at that age level and on the judgment of the club's competition coordinator.

The goal of division placement is to group teams of similar levels. In no way is it an exact science, but the committee does the best it can based on the information available at the time.

The Fall recreational season is generally 9-10 weeks long with games primarily played on Friday and Saturday. The season is divided into two halves with a mid season realignment for the second half for U9 - U12 teams. There is no mid season break in games. Realignment is based on the standings after four weeks. A mid season realignment meeting is held by the SWYSA Competition Committee to adjust teams when necessary.