2019 Spring Recreational Soccer League Rules
Clarification of the Rules

Rule Clarifications

1. U8 games are 2 - 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time. SWSYA adopted and implemented this change from the 3 - 15 minute periods in Fall of 2016.
2. Players may not wear any type of jewelry while playing soccer even if it is taped, ie. Earrings being covered with bandaids or duct tape. There are only 2 exceptions to this law. They are: medical bracelets or necklaces and religious skepulars. These must still be completely taped to the players skin and under the player's shirt.
3. No games are cancelled and rescheduled because there is no referee assigned for the game. If there is no referee present at the time the game is to be played, then an emergency referee is to be appointed to referee the game. An emergency referee is defined as a person that both coaches agree on to be the referee for the course of the game.