U11 Girls

Location: Harmony 1500 NE 192nd AVE Vancouver, WA 98684

Quarterfinal Dec
Game Date/Time Home Score Away Location
GU11 Dec 7, 5:00 pm VUSA 09G Ghost Girls WC D7 TEYSC Sassy Cats Harmony Sports Complex, Field 9A
GU11WC Dec 7, 11:00 am D4 TR2 G09 Corbo VUSA 09G Baird Kitsap Fairgrounds7171 Stampede Blvd NWBremerton, WA 98311 (Lobe 3)

Quarterfinal game is a full length game, if tied at the end of regulation, Two 5 minute extra time periods played in their entirety.
If team are tied at the end of the 2 overtimes, kicks from the mark will apply.

Teams Pts W L T GF GA GD
(3 Max / game)
VUSA Baird 0 0 2 0 0 4 -4
VUSA Ghost 18 2 0 0 4 0 4

Fri. Nov 15th
Game # Time Home Score Away Location
G1101 5:30pm VUSA Baird 0-3 VUSA Ghost Harmony 9a
Sat Nov. 16th
Game # Time Home Score Away Location
G1102 12:00pm VUSA Ghost 1-0 VUSA Baird Harmony 9a
(If Needed) Sun. Nov 17th
G1103 4:30pm VUSA Baird Not Played VUSA Ghost Harmony 9a

All games are full length game, Tie breaker rules will apply; If tied at the end of regulation, (1)5 minute extra time periods played. If teams are tied at the end overtime, kicks from the mark will apply.

Click here for Kicks from the mark procedures.

Click Here for quarter final game scheduling rules.

Game Protesting Procedures

Quarterfinals December 7/8 (locations TBA)

Semi Final & Final Dec. 14/15 2019 At Starfire Sports Complex

Emergency Contact for Region 5 teams during District level play: Call - 360.904.9866

Score Reporting

  • Each team (both home and away) are required to text the game score within 15 minutes of the game completion.
  • Report final game scores by texting 360.904.9866 in this format:
  • game number, home score - visiting score, winner.
  • example: #11440 4-2 FC Daisy Pickers ( FC Daisy Pickers home team won 4-2)
  • The text will be confirmed by a "Thanks" response. If you do not receive a confirmation within 15 minutes, please re-text.