U11 Boys

Location: Harmony Turf
Club: Washington Timbers Soccer Club

Congratulations PSCN Tater Tots
on advancing to the Semi Finals.

The Quarterfinal game will be played at Luke Jensen Sports Park on Sunday Dec. 3rd 11:00am Field 4/5 ** Game time change**
PSCN Tater Tots v D4 NK5 B07 BU11 Wolfpack

The Wild card game will be played Dec 3rd 11:30am at Walt Hundley Playfield
D3 HSC Eagles v D5 PSCN Scorpions

The PSCN Tater Tots will host District 4 in the Quarterfinals.
The PSCN Scorpions will be the Wildcard in District 3 in the Quarterfinals.
All Quarterfinal games will be the weekend of Dec. 2-3.

Teams Pts W L T GF GA GD
(3 Max)
LV B07 Cheslock/Santiago 2 0 2 0 2 6 -4
PSCN B07 Tater Tots 17 2 0 0 4 1 3
PSCN B07 Scorpions 18 2 0 0 5 1 4
VUSA B07 Wolverines 1 0 2 0 1 7 -6
PSCC B07 Trappers 1 0 2 0 1 4 -3

Friday Nov. 10 2017 Preliminaries
Game # Time Home Score Away Location
B1101 6:00pm Cheslock/Santiago 1-2 Tater Tots Harmony 8A
B1102 6:00pm Scorpions 3-0 Wolverines Harmony 9A
Saturday Nov 11 2017 Preliminaries
Game # Time Home Score Away Location
B1103 9:00am Tater Tots 2-0 Trappers Harmony 8A
B1104 9:00am Wolverines 1-4 Cheslock/Santiago Harmony 8B
B1105 1:00pm Trappers 1-2 Scorpions Harmony 8B
Sunday Nov 12 2017 Semi-Finals/Final
Game # Time Home Score Away Location
B1106 Semi #1 3:30pm Scorpions 3-2 Trappers Harmony 9A
B1107 Semi #2 3:30pm Tater Tots 3-2 Cheslock/Santiago Harmony 9B
B1108 Final 6:30pm Scorpions 0-2 Tater Tots Harmony 9A

Saturday's games will be 30 minute halves. Games may end in a tie. Tie breaker rules will apply.

Sunday's games will be 30 minute halves with two 5 minute extra time,if tied at the end of regulation.
No Golden Goal.
If teams are tied at the end of two overtime periods, Kicks from the mark will apply.

Round robin game points will be awarded as follows:

(1) Six (6) points will be awarded for a win.
(2) Three (3) points will be awarded for a tie.
(3) One (1) additional point will be awarded to each team for each goal scored (maximum of three (3) per team per game).
(4) One (1) additional point will be awarded for a shutout.

Round robin tie breaker rules:
Tie breaking for pool play will be applied in the following order until the tie is broken.

1. Head to head competition
2. Least number of goals scored against
3. Difference between goals scored for and goals scored against (limit 3 per game)
4. Most number of wins
5. Least number of losses
6. Coin toss or Penalty Kick (Tournament Director discretion)

Click here for Kicks from the mark procedures.

Click Here for quarter final game scheduling rules.

Game Protesting Procedures

Semi Final & Final Dec. 9th 2017 At Starfire Sports Complex

Emergency Contact for Region 5 teams during District level play: Call - 360 904-6672

Score Reporting

  • Each team (both home and away) are required to text the game score within 15 minutes of the game completion.
  • Report final game scores by texting 360-904-6672 in this format:
  • game number, home score - visiting score, winner.
  • example: #11440 4-2 FC Daisy Pickers ( FC Daisy Pickers home team won 4-2)
  • The text will be confirmed by a "Thanks" response. If you do not receive a confirmation within 15 minutes, please re-text.