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Washington Youth Soccer Recreational Cup


The Recreational Cup is the Washington Youth Soccer State Tournament exclusively for Boy & Girls U11-U19 recreational teams. The tournaments preliminary games are held within each respective District.

Good luck to the teams participating in the semifinals and championship games!

The roster freeze date is October 24, 2021 for Southwest Washington Youth Soccer Association.
Rosters CANNOT change after October 24th.

No transfers to the team for the sole purpose of tournament play and no guest players will be allowed. No roster can be adjusted after October 24th, or after the commencement of the first game of the tournament within the team's District/Region, whichever date is earlier. A team's Recreation Cup Roster must match the teams league roster.

Teams that win this tournaments "State Final" shall have their eligibility for this tournament reviewed by the recreational committee the following year if they apply to play in this tournament.

Registration will open October 1st.  The last day to register is Oct 21, 2021.

Registration Fees: $260

Region 5 Dates:

Girls- November 12-14, 2021
Boys - November 19-21, 2021

Quarter Finals- December 4-5, 2021
Wild Card Draw will be done the first week of November.

Semi Finals and Finals - December 11-12 at Starfire Sports Complex

Recreational Cup Rules

Protest procedures for REC CUP

Click HERE to go to the WA Youth Soccer Rec Cup web site.

Below is the final list of teams participating in the  2021 Rec Cup:

Girls Age Group Boys Age Group
CWSA G03 Strikers 2004/2003 (U18/19) VUSA 03B Stealth 2004/2003 (U18/19)
VW G04 Wildcats 2004/2003 (U18/19) VW B05 Galaxy 2005 (U17)
CWSA G08 Rockstars 2008 (U14) CWSA 06B Knights 2006 (U16)
PSCN G8 Tornadoes (W) 2008 (U14) VUSA 07B CHAOS 2007 (U15)
VUSA 08G Killer Cleats 2008 (U14) VW B07 The Big Green 2007 (U15)
CWSA 09G Superstars 2009 (U13) CWSA 08B Knights 2008 (U14)
VUSA 09G Ghost Girls 2009 (U13) CWSA 09B Thunder 2009 (U13)
VUSA 09G Red Hots 2009 (U13) CWSA U13 Boys Tidal Wave 2009 (U13)
CWSA 10G Purple Pandas 2010 (U12) VW B10 Galaxy 2010 (U12)
PSCN G10 Blue Storm 2010 (U12) VW B10 Hornets 2010 (U12)
Pscn g10 heartbreakers 2010 (U12) PSCS B11 Gophers 2011 (U11)
VUSA 10G SHARKS 2010 (U12) VW B11 Barcelona 2011 (U11)
FCSC 11G Lightning 2011 (U11) VW B11 Warriors 2011 (U11)
PSCN G11 Reign 2011 (U11)
VUSA 11G Phoenix 2011 (U11)
VW G11 Wildcats 2011 (U11)


Host Clubs for Region 5 Recreational Games

Vancouver West
Pacific Soccer Club
Washington Timbers
Salmon Creek

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