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Region 5 Champions & Finalists

Region 5 Recreational Cup Champions and Finalists

2021 Region 5 Rec Cup Champions and Finalists
BU17: VW B05 Galaxy - Finalists

GU11: PSCN G11 Reign -Champions
GU12: VUSA 10G Sharks - Champions
GU12: PSCN G10 Blue Storm - Finalists
GU14: PSCN G08 Tornadoes - Champions

2019 Region 5 Rec Cup Champions and Finalists
BU12: VUSA 08B Fireballs-Champions
BU13: VW B07 Big Green-Finalists
BU17: VW VUSA 03B Stealth-Champions

GU11: VUSA 09G Ghost Girls - Finalists
GU16: CWSA 04G Strikers - Finalists
GU19: VUSA 01G Thunder - Champions

2018 Region 5 Rec Cup Champions and Finalists
BU11 VW Elite Feet-Champions
BU16 KA Torres/Meade-Champions

GU15 VW Tigerflies-Finalists
GU17 KA Brunelle/Tomasli-Champions

2017 Region 5 Rec Cup Champions and Finalists
BU11 PSCN Tater Tots- Finalist
BU15 CWSA Stealth- Finalist
BU19 VUSA Victory FC- Champions

GU12 VUSA Thunderbolts- Champions
GU16 KA Brunelle- Finalist

2016 Region 5 Rec Cup Champions and Finalists
BU11 VW Ninjas- Champions
BU14 VUSA FC Bulls- Finalist

GU12 VUSA Thundrbolts- Champions
GU14 KA Tsunamis- Finalist

2015 Region 5 Rec Cup Champions and Finalists
GU11 SC Flower Power- Champions
GU11 PSCN Warriors- Finalist
GU12 PSCS Chili Peppers- Champions
GU12 KA Blue Flame- Finalist
GU13 VUSA Screamers- Champions
GU13 KE Fire and Ice- Finalist
GU14 KA Chinooks- Champions
GU14 VUSA Thunder- Finalist
GU15 LV Tigers- Champions
GU18/19 VUSA Cougars- Champions
GU18/19 VW Jaguars- Finalist

BU11 SC Nomads- Champions
BU11 KE Better Weigh
BU12 VUSA Stealth- Champions
BU12 VUSA FC Bulls- Finalist
BU13 VW Toluca- Champions
BU14 CW Eagles- Champions
BU14 VW Cheetahs- Finalist
BU15 VW Comets- Champions
BU16 VUSA Warriors- Champions
BU16 VW Cougars- Finalist
BU17 VUSA Victory FC- Champions
BU18/19 VW Dragons- Champions

2014 Region 5 Rec Cup Champions and Finalists
GU11 CWSA Crossfire - Champions
GU11 PSC South Chilli Peppers - Finalist
GU12 VUSA Screamers - Champions
Gu12 VW Shooting Stars - Finalist
GU13 VUSA Thunder - Champions
GU13 KA Crush - Finalist
GU14 SC Warriors - Champions
GU14 PSC North Woodland Hurricanes - Finalist
GU17 VUSA Reign - Champions
GU18/19 VW Pumas - Champions
Gu18/19 VUSA Adrenaline - Finalist
BU11 VUSA FC Bulls - Champions
BU11 VUSA B03 Stealth - Finalist
BU12 VW Toluca - Champions
BU12 Long Beach Tsunami - Finalist
BU13 VW Scorpions - Champions
BU13 PSC South Red Hawks - Finalist
BU14 VW Comets - Champions
BU14 VW Cougars - Finalist
BU15 VUSA Warriors - Champions
BU15 PSC North Blazers - Finalist
BU16 VUSA Cheetahs - Champions
BU17 VW Dragons - Champions
BU17 LV Barrios/Quijada - Finalist
BU18/19 CW B95 Wolves - Champions
BU18/19 VW Millennium - Finalist

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